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Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk, pr. Kirova, 28а, apt. 502
+7 499 3466847
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FPR-Events Company specializes in organizing annual conferences in various industries of Ukraine.
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June 05-06, 2018


Kortyard Vasilevsky, St. Petersburg


150 participants


25 speakers

ABOUT EVENT / briefly about the conference

Interclay conference is an effective business platform of international level for the participants of the market of ceramic tiles and sanitary ware from Russia and Eastern Europe.

The conference focuses on trends and prospects for the development of the Russian tile and sanitary ceramics market, trends in design and consumer preferences, as well as technological innovations, optimization of production processes and improvement of technologies.

Join the conference Interclay conference!

If you register and pay for participation before February 9, 2018, you will receive a 40% discount!

Registration Schedule

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Partners / sponsors and partners of the conference Interclay

Centro Ceramico

INTERCLAY 2017 / About the last conference


On June 15-16, 2017, the 3rd Annual International Conference “Interglina” was held at the Holiday Inn, St. Petersburg, which gathered 146 participants. The organizer of the conference is FPR-Events. The sponsors of the event were the companies EFI Cretaprint S.L.U, IMERYS CERAMICS, Stephan Shmidt, Esmalglass Itaca, Novoorsky ceramics.

The program was quite rich – presentations of new products from world developers of equipment and raw materials, speeches of practitioners with recommendations for reducing production defects, discussions about the development of enterprises and the industry as a whole, in which the leaders of ceramic factories themselves took an active part, and, of course, a lot of communication in the a truly cozy atmosphere.

About the audience (people)

Among the participants

Key topics / About what will be presentations and discussions

The main trends in the ceramic market and the trends of the 2018 season
Digital printing technologies and the impact of raw materials on quality
Large formats: features of production and development of the market
Innovative materials and equipment - what's new on the market?
Analysis of the raw materials market, development of raw materials base and export-import potential
Design and exclusive decoration - practical experience

Program / INTERCLAY conference events schedule

Please, pay attention! Conference Program 2018 is under development. If you want to speak at the conference, please contact the project lead Yuliia Kaiurova by phone +7 499 346 68 47, +380 95 252 27 98, +380 97 503 53 68 or E-mail


The conference program includes two full working days, during which the participants have the opportunity to listen speakers presentations on the hottest industry topics, ask experts, take part in discussions, and of course, the talk among themselves. At the conclusion of the first day of the conference participants expect an interesting tour of the city of St. Petersburg.

View the program

Participants 2018 / Who participated

Company nameSpecializationPostParticipant name
Amberger Kaolinwerke Eduard Kick GmbH & Co. KGraw material supplierHead of sales ceramic
Hans-Jurgen Hofmann
Centro CeramicoUniversity of Bologna
Maria Chiara Bignozzi
Ceramic factory ZKIceramics manufacturerProcess EngineerAnna Byzova
Ceramic factory ZKIceramics manufacturerDeputy chief of departmentMikhail Fomin
Company Piastrellaceramics manufacturerdelegation is forming
EFI Cretaprint S.L.U
production and supply of equipment, production of paints for equipmentSales Operation Administrator
Jekaterina Samalea
supplier of equipment delegation is formed
Fritta S.L.
supplier of additives or raw materials
Area Manager
Novica Jolic
Fryanovskiy Ceramic Factoryceramics manufacturerChief technologist of OP "Kuchino"Nina Pukhtinova
Fryanovskiy Ceramic Factoryceramics manufacturerChief TechnologistElena Sisemova
Fryanovskiy Ceramic Factoryceramics manufacturerProcess EngineerElena Voronova
Imerys Ceramics
supplier of additives or raw materials
delegation is formed
IndexBoxanalytical agencyExecutive Director
Ekaterina Kolina
ceramics manufacturerChief TechnologistTatiana Mokrousova
ceramics manufacturerdelegation is formed
Keraminceramics manufacturerChief TechnologistIrina Zhukova
Keramin St. Petersburgceramics manufacturerdelegation is forming
Keramin St. Petersburgceramics manufacturerdelegation is forming
Kirov ceramicsceramics manufacturerdelegation is forming
Laminam Rusceramics manufacturerHead of Procurement Department
Dmitry Matveyev
Laminam Rusceramics manufacturerChief TechnologistMaria Smirnova
Laminam Rusceramics manufacturerGeneral director
Vasil Misharov
Lasselsberger ceramics
ceramics manufacturerChief TechnologistKirill Pankov
Lasselsberger ceramics
ceramics manufacturerSenior engineer-technologistDanil Karaychentsev
Lasselsberger ceramics
ceramics manufacturerProduction managerAlexey Nuryakhmetov
raw material supplierManagerDmitry Baluta
raw material supplierSales ManagerInna Levchenko
raw material supplierGeneral director
Yevgeny Kondakov
raw material supplierdelegation is formed
raw material supplierdelegation is formed
Mining Company Mineralraw material supplierdelegation is forming
NEFRIT-CERAMICSceramics manufacturerdelegation is forming
ceramics manufacturerMaster of Production LaboratoryNatalia Vladimirova
Sibelco Group
raw material supplierCommercial Director
Denis Krolevetskiy
SOKA Ukraineraw material supplierDeputy Director General for Quality and ProductionNatalia Korosteleva
SOKA Ukraineraw material supplierGeneral director
Gilles Serruau
Stephan Schmidtraw material supplierRepresentativeBernd Engelmann
System Russiasupplier of equipment
Deputy to director of productionMaxim Tischenko
System Russiasupplier of equipment
ManagerViktor Savishchev
System Russiasupplier of equipment
Customer Care
Gleb Sharganov
System S.p.A.
supplier of equipment
Sales Manager
Sebastiano Dallari
System S.p.A.
supplier of equipment
Fabio Gargiulo
System S.p.A.
supplier of equipment
Roberto Pietri
System S.p.A.
supplier of equipment
Andrea Gozzi
Ukrainian kaolin companyraw material supplierCommercial Director
Vitaly Serdyukov
ceramics manufacturerChief TechnologistRuslan Igumentsev
VESCOraw material supplierdelegation is forming
VESCOraw material supplierHead of Sales DepartmentDamir Kudryakov
VESCOraw material supplierdelegation is forming
ZKS Ural graniteceramics manufacturerdelegation is forming
Zschimmer & Schwarz Russiaraw material supplierProcess EngineerVladimir Bolyak

Testimonials / What people say about our conference

About organizers / We and our projects

Organizer of the Interclay conference is FPR-Events company, which specializes in organizing annual conferences in various industries of Ukraine. Since its beginning in 2009, the company held 23 successful international conferences, which were attended by over 2,400 delegates from all over the world.

Tel.: +7 499 346 68 47
Tel.: +380 67 929 47 49

Tel.: +7 499 346 68 47
Tel.: +380 56 790 17 34

Anna Danilova

Project manager

Tel.: +7 499 346 68 47
Tel.: +380 96 109 30 98

Maxim Ogir

Project manager

Tel.: +7 499 346 68 47
Tel.: +380 93 747 11 41

Registration fee / conference participation cost

Until February 9, 2018

Until April 27, 2018


special rate for ceramic tiles and ceramic goods producers
400 EUR
2-3 delegates – 5% discount
4 or more delegates – 10% discount

Until June 5, 2018


special rate for ceramic tiles and ceramic goods producers
500 EUR
2-3 delegates – 5% discount
4 or more delegates – 10% discount

Registration / to participate in the conference you need to register

Attention Only registered members can attend conference areas. Conference areas are: conference rooms, zone of coffee breaks and banquets, reception area. Organizers of the conference kindly request – do not remove badges during working sessions, coffee breaks and evening receptions. Participants will receive badges at registration desk.

  • Name*
  • Last Name*
  • Your personal number*
  • Your email*
  • Company name*
  • Your position*
  • Comany website*
  • Line of business*
  • Company phones for publication*
  • 9

Details / FAQ (frequently asked question)

Only Sponsor get such options:

  1. Seminar up to two hours in frame of conference program,
  2. Opportunity to invite 3-5 your clients (ceramic tile and ceramic goods producers) without registration fee,
  3. Opportunity to choose time for presentation and advertising banners,
  4. Sponsor status which promotes formation of image of the strategic reliable partner for producers of pottery

If you are interested in our offer of sponsorship, please send us a message through the feedback form, first placing the appropriate option or please contact FPR-Events any convenient way for you.

If you want to make a presentation at the InterClay conference, please write to us about in the form of feedback, noting in it the "Presentation" option or contact us in any convenient way for you. Types of presentations:
    • Advertising presentation If you want to present in your presentation products or services of your company, the cost of such report will be 300 EUR. Presentation time - 20 minutes.
  • Program presentation If your presentation may disclose the following topics:
      • detailed analysis of ceramics market of Russia, Belarus, Ukraine or Kazakhstan,
      • detailed analysis of the clay, kaolin, feldspar and quartz sand market in Russia, Ukraine, Turkey,
      • an overview of trends and innovations in the ceramic manufacturing in Spain, Italy and other European countries,
      • marketing and sales strategies of ceramic tile manufacturers of Russia,
      • and and other topical issues of the industry,
    for these topics organizers will be pleased to offer certain discounts and benefits for participation in the conference.
Hotel room in Holiday Inn Moscow Gates you can book only after you have completed registration as a participant in the conference.
For InterClay conference participants hotel gives special price for accommodation. Room «standard», single occupancy / double — 12 000 / 12 800 RUB. Includes breakfast.

To book a room at a special price you must pay the registration fee, than request the application form from the organizers for your reservation or you can download booking form and send it Yulia Derbeneva by e-mail, pre-contacting her by phone +7 812 448 71 37

Registration fee is included:
  • acces at conference events and areas (sessions, round tables, registration and coffe-break area);
  • dinner 14 and 15 June, coffee breaks 14 and 15 June, buffet 14 June and excursion;
  • printed and digital conference materials – program, presentations, delegates contact information.
ATTENTION! Accommodation in the registration fee is not included. Attend in the areas of conference can only registered participants.

Advertising / advertising and sponsorship options

Advertising on the conference is guaranteed way to convey information to all participants. Because of a busy schedule of the conference you may have no time to talk to every delegate you wanted to. Summary table of advertising opportunities in a convenient format gives a complete list of advertising options and their prices. Presented sponsorship packages contain virtually all the available advertising options at prices lower than “retail” plus totally exclusive features that will help you attract new customers and increase sales. Do not miss the chance to get maximum benefit from the conference!

Advertising optionsCostSponsor,
can be more than one company
Platinum Sponsor,
only one company can be
Presentation (20 min)
550 EUR.
1 on the first day
2 on the first day
Advertising banner of the company printing of banner are carried out by the organizer
450 EUR.
1 in priority positions
2 in priority positions
Advertising leaflets on the registration desk
100 EUR.
Video clip show on the screen in a conference hall and on panels in a coffee-breaks zone, 5 min along with other videos
750 EUR.
Exibition booth 4 sq. m in coffe-breaks area, activity directly from the workplace during coffee breaks (lottery, mini-presentation, etc.)
350 EUR.
A5 full color layout in the catalog of conference
200 EUR.
Placement of the company logo on the website, in catalogue, on delegates bags
Including advertising materials into delegates bags which will be given to all participants of the conference!
Free tickets for conference participation for Sponsor`s clients (tickets can be given only to producers of a ceramic tile and goods by agreement with the organizers)
Branded lace for a badge (only for Platinum Sponsor)
Organization of welcome party ore excurtion from the Platinum Sponsor
(branding of a zone, carrying out competitions, lottery and other activities)
Included registration fees
4500 EUR.
9500 EUR.


Courtyard St. Petersburg Vasilievsky
Address: 2 line of Vasilievsky Island, 61/30, St. Petersburg, 199178, Russian Federation
Phone: +7-812-380 40 11

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Contacts / contact us

+7 499 346 68 47
+48 22 209 89 40
+380 56 790 17 34
+380 97 503 53 68